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Outside Lands 2014: Top 20 Moments + Photos

on August 11, 2014, 2:30pm
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Youngest Band with a Greatest Hits Set



Photo by Amanda Koellner

One year after their debut, Disclosure’s show already sounds like a greatest hits set. Last year’s Settle is the most widely loved house music records in years, and they ran through the highlights: “F for You” – featuring pre-recorded vocals by Mary J. Blige – “You & Me”, the slow burn of “Help Me Lose My Mind”, and the set-closing “Latch”, which, two years after it was released, has finally become a Billboard Top 10 hit. The Lawrence brothers may lack a strong stage presence – both are rooted on stage, Howard on the drums and Guy on a laptop – but it was no matter. People love these songs, and they’ll move their feet without stop regardless of what’s on stage. –Michael Anderson

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