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Preview two songs from Aphex Twin’s new album

on August 25, 2014, 11:48am

Richard D. James, aka Aphex Twin, recently announced the release of his first new album in 13 years. As it turns out, however, SYRO has been in the works for almost half a decade. As James revealed in a new interview with The FADER, the album’s oldest song dates back six or seven years, adding, “I’d stockpiled up so much stuff and you can kind of have to draw a line under it somewhere. By banging something out it, it’s like the end of the chapter. It properly draws a line under it and allows you to move on.”

With that in mind, a search in YouTube yields video of James previewing early versions of two album tracks in concert. Dating back to a performance at ATP’s Nightmare Before Christmas in 2007, the first video allegedly features the track “4 bit 9d api+e+6”. Meanwhile, “XMAS_EveT10 (thanaton3 mix)” appears to have been debuted live in 2010. At the time, it was referred to as “The Metz Track”.

Listen/watch both videos below (via Reddit).

“4 bit 9d api+e+6”:

“XMAS_EveT10 (thanaton3 mix)”:

SYRO arrives September 23rd via Warp Records. In that same interview with The FADER, James said the album “kicked into gear” a new period of musical output.

SYRO Tracklist:
01. minipops 67 (source field mix) (aka the manchester track)
02. XMAS_EveT10 (thanaton3 mix)
03. produk 29
04. 4 bit 9d api+e+6
05. 180db_
06. CIRCLONT6A (syrobonkus mix)
07. fz pseudotimestrech+e+3
08. CIRCLONT14 (shrymoming mix)
09. syro u473t8+e (piezoluminescence mix)
10. PAPAT4 (pineal mix)
11. s950tx16wasr10 (earth portal mix)
12. aisatsana