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Ryan Adams spent $100,000 making a record you’ll never hear

on August 13, 2014, 9:00am

Photo via Ben Kaye

As plentiful as Ryan Adams’ discography may be, you might be surprised to learn that he’s got countless more LPs sitting on shelves somewhere. By Speakeasy’s count, there’s at least six, including one described as a “rough-and-tumble Replacements homage” I need in my life pronto. Some of the songs ended up on later albums, and some pop up during subsequent live performances.  In the case of his upcoming self-titled LP, however, the alt country singer spent over $100,000 on a version he ended up simply scrapping.

The axed version was produced by Glyn Johns, who also worked on Adams’ last album, 2011’s Ashes & FireAccording to Adams, the sound simply didn’t have the verve he was looking for. “It was slow, adult shit,” he told NME. “I’m just over that.”

What he’s also over, apparently, is concerning himself with people’s opinions of his music. “I’m too old to care who likes my records,” he explained. “It’s all bullshit anyway. People make judgments about records but the music is eternal.” He exemplified his point by revealing a personal affinity for the oft-maligned Oasis album Be Here Now. “I like Be Here Now. I don’t even care if Noel Gallagher doesn’t like it, because you know what? I will take two bong hits and that record will blow my mind.”

The Ryan Adams-approved version of Ryan Adams is due September 9th on his own Pax-Am label. For a taste of what it will actually sound like, check out the recently released video for “Gimmie Something Good” below. You can also watch live performances of album tracks “Stay With Me” and “My Wrecking Ball”, plus his cover of Grateful Dead’s “Wharf Rat”.

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