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The A-Zs of Lollapalooza

on August 01, 2014, 12:45pm
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Lollapalooza has descended upon us! This weekend, Chicago’s Grant Park will once again play host to hundreds of acts and thousands upon thousands of ravenous festivalgoers. For 72 hours, the festival’s brave souls will walk back and forth across the park to see their favorite acts unpack their favorite songs. It’s a beast of a time and only the strongest survive.

Is this your first time attending? Don’t worry. You’ll have a blast, you’ll take dozens of selfies, and maybe (depending on your food allergies) even down a couple of lobster dogs. What the hell is a “lobster dog,” you say? Eh, maybe it’s about time you learn the A-Zs of Lollapalooza. We understand that there’s little room for schooling in the summer, but please allow this one valuable tutorial.

Capiche? Good.

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