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Watch: Arcade Fire covers Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit”

on August 10, 2014, 10:41am

Photo by Nathan Dainty

Over the course of their world tour behind Reflektor, Arcade Fire has covered bands local to the city they’re playing in that respective evening. We’ve already them cover songs by The Smiths in London, R.E.M. in Atlanta, and the Beverly Hills Cop theme song in L.A. Can you guess who they paid tribute to when the tour rolled into the Gorge in George, WA on Friday night? Yep, Nirvana.

Win Butler and Co. briefly covered “Smells Like Teen Spirit” during the intro and outro of their song “Rococo”. “Thank god Nirvana made it to the suburbs,” Butler reportedly told the audience.

Watch the fan-shoot footage below.

Contrary to what NME may say, Butler has long cited Kurt Cobain one of his biggest influences.  In an interview with the Associated Press earlier this year, Butler discussed the first time he heard Nevermind in 1991: “All the sudden the whole kind of social dynamic at my junior high changed where these kind of misfit kids who maybe come from a broken home and they’re smoking cigarettes in the back and they didn’t have money for nice clothes, all the sudden those kids socially were in a weird way on the same level as everyone else. I was sort of like a weird kid who didn’t know where I fit in or whatever and just to have that kind of voice be that big in culture, I feel like that was a magical period of alternative music where we had Jane’s Addiction and R.E.M. and Nirvana, it was like seeing these kind of freaks from all the different cities of North America and you’re like, oh wow.”

Also check out a clip of Butler and Régine Chassagne discussing Nirvana and Pearl Jam: