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Watch: Chris Christie argues with a constituent about his relationship with Bruce Springsteen

on August 20, 2014, 1:27pm

Despite being polar opposites politically, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Bruce Springsteen share a common bond over music. Specifically, Christie, much like my mother, is a Springsteen super fan, who no doubt spends hours upon hours on Backstreets searching for that one bootleg recording from 1979 with that totally awesome version of “Badlands”. Say something bad about the Boss, and both Christie and my mother will throw a punch.

Yesterday, one of Christie’s constituents experienced this wrath firsthand when she so boldly questioned Christie’s relationship with Springsteen and whether the Republican Governor had been prohibited from playing the liberal musician’s music at his rallies. Then, she did something you never do to a Springsteen fan: accuse him of liking Bon Jovi.

I now present the 10 best quotes from Christie’s retort, ranked in order:

10. “I know him, and you’re wrong.”

9. “You’re absolutely wrong.”

8. “You’ve got no place else to go with this story.”

7. “I think I’ve heard pretty much what you have to say.”

6. “No, he never did that. No, you’re wrong about that. Bruce has never asked me to do that.”

5. “Listen, I know him. I know him, and you’re wrong.”

4. “Don’t put in Mr. Springsteen’s mouth, put it in your yours. If you have an objection to it, then you object.”

3. “If you want to debate, run for governor and I’ll debate you.”

2. “If you’re gonna be cute, we should get the story right.”

1. “When I leave, so this lady can be a little calmer, let’s play some Bon Jovi on my way out.”

Watch the amazing video below.

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