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Watch St. Vincent play a cruel game of “Name That Song”

on August 27, 2014, 12:01pm

Chances are that if you read this site, you think of yourself as some sort of musical expert. But, if you were given a test to identify some of your favorite artists’ songs based on just 30-second snippets, how well would you really do? Be honest. It’s way harder than you think.

The mighty Annie Clark, aka St. Vincent, was subjected to a similar challenge recently at the Rock En Seine festival. Folks from the French site Sourdoreille played random tracks by some of Clark’s biggest musical influences and asked her to name ’em on the spot.

While she easily nailed some (Talking Heads), she found herself rather stumped by others, especially Sufjan Stevens’ “bullshit Christmas tracks” which were obviously fiendishly used to trip her up. At one point, Clark even calls the game “cruel.”

Though I do agree it’s a rather tricky game — do you know how many holiday songs Sufjan has? A LOT — it’s still cool seeing Clark rattle her brain and talk about artists far and wide and her personal connections to them. And well, it’s also pretty fun hearing her curse in English and seeing the French subtitles below. Or maybe I just really like cursing in French. Oh merde!

Watch it below (via Stereogum).