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Watch this Lollapalooza attendee backflip into the Chicago River

on August 05, 2014, 10:17pm

It’s the end of Lollapalooza day two, and you’re headed home after a wonderful day of great music, good friends, and stomping through the mud. How do you close out the evening? With a nightcap at some local pub? Maybe with hot dogs and rampant swearing at The Wieners Circle? If you’re one particular festivalgoer, you instead backflip into the Chicago River. YOLO, amirite!?

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Courtesy of the folks at MajorOnions, the clip below features a college-aged attendee getting persuaded into taking the plunge by his buddies. Perhaps more satisfying than the actual leap, though, is the dialogue that actually leads up to it. That includes Greg Louganis saying, “I might go to jail” and his buddy, the cameraman, replying, “Yeah, it’ll be awesome.” Oh, and someone isn’t “good to go” when there are literally dozens of witnesses watching.

No doubt riding a wave of adrenaline and peer pressure, he all but sticks the landing. All that remains are a few very basic questions: is this not technically illegal? And more so, with the number of times the river has been dyed green, is he going to have to worry about any nasty side effects? Plus, don’t even get me started about the prevalence of flesh-eating bacteria in rivers.

Watch the dive in full below. The judge from Lithuania gave it a 6.8.

Below, check out another shot, taken from near the shoreline:

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