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Watch: Tori Amos covers PJ Harvey’s “We Float”

on August 21, 2014, 10:08am

Photo by Cathy Poulton

Last week, we saw Tori Amos pick up the slack for Radiohead by covering their discarded alt rock classic, “Creep”. No longer duty-bound by unseen musical forces, Amos was free to choose her next cover solely on the basis of positivity. “I love, love this lady,” Amos told the audience at Durham’s Performing Arts Center on Wednesday night before launching into a cover of PJ Harvey’s 2000 single “We Float”.

It may have been born from a purely good place, but Amos’ rendition is all darkness and attitude. By replacing the piano with a jagged synth, Amos amplifies the original’s core of brooding intensity while delivering a croon that’s brimming with a certain kind of sexually-charged mystique. One question, though: Is the start of some wonderful, Arcade Fire-esque run of nightly covers? Fingers crossed.

Watch fan-shot footage below.