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500 years of music sharing depicted in a single infographic

on September 12, 2014, 3:50pm

Last month, one handy GIF showed us how the music industry has changed drastically in the course of just 30 years. Now, a new infographic by Pigeons & Planes lays out the timeline of how music sharing has evolved over the last 500 years. Get out your notebooks, class.

If kids these days are baffled by the Walkmen cassette player, can you imagine just how floored they’d be hearing about Johannes Gutenburg’s invention of movable type, the 15th century device that finally enabled printed music to be widely distributed? From gramophones to CDs to Spotify, this infographic highlights those who were/are instrumental in pushing musical technology forward. More importantly, it’s a truly fascinating look at all that humanity has done in the name of music. (This also reminds me: Shout-out to all those douchebags who signed off KaZaA like 10 seconds before the transfer was complete; I haven’t forgotten.)

Check out the awesome timeline below.

500 years of music sharing