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Bumbershoot 2014: Top 10 Sets + Photos

on September 02, 2014, 5:15pm
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Most Amount Of Ass Everywhere

Big Freedia

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Ass. Butts. Rumps. Derriere. No matter how you phrase it, Big Freedia’s set was an ode to the human backside. Decked out in all black with silver jewelry and shades, she and her twerk team gave Bumbershoot an indoctrination on what bounce music is all about. This is why Big Freedia is going to conquer the world. Her ode to ass may seem exclusive for the club, but Big Freedia can’t be limited by these superficial boundaries. She can take an early afternoon set in the rain and turn it into the biggest party of the weekend.

Though her latest record, Just Be Free, is an adrenaline rush in itself, it’s an experience that really can only be translated correctly live. Most of the crowd up-front knew what they were in for and reveled in every twerk-filled moment, but it was more amazing watching the people in the back who just happened to find themselves there with mouths agape and awkward smiles. And no disrespect to Freedia’s killer dancers, but there was no bigger reaction than when the Queen Diva herself bent over on the DJ table and showed her own moves.

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