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I Saw Ty Segall Four Days in a Row, and Here Is What Happened

on September 03, 2014, 1:30am
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Day 1

“We are Manipulator”

ty polaroid night 1

Openers: Meatbodies and Birth Defects

“Tonight we are Manipulator,” said Segall, sporting an all-white outfit covered in a circle symbol that Segal has tattooed across his left bicep. Segall insists the symbol is just a design that doesn’t have any hidden meaning. It just looks cool, and when the band needed a logo, presto.

Each night, just like the first night, Segall would “page” Doctor Long Finger (a bat-like organist from parts unknown) to come up and play the organ intro to “Manipulator”, driven by Cronin’s thick Rickenbacker bass groove and Segall’s psychedelic guitar riff. With his shaggy, blonde moptop waving around, spraying the crowd with sweat, Segall highlighted night one by walking onto the parquet courts of the Echo and ripping a “Free Bird”-caliber solo.

His Bowie-esque silver lipstick and eyeliner melted off his face by the end of the night, when he would close the show with “Wave Goodbye”, off 2012’s Slaughterhouse, which opens with a sludgy wall of sound that descends into a warlike Black Sabbath finale that seems fitted for a stadium show, but instead rattled the walls of the Echo. “This was the first real club we ever played,” said Segall, who now lives near the Highland Park neighborhood of Los Angeles. Highland Park resident and comedian Marc Maron was also in attendance.

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