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I Saw Ty Segall Four Days in a Row, and Here Is What Happened

on September 03, 2014, 1:30am
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Day 2

“My shit’s broken”

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Openers: Wand and Endless Bummer
Throughout each of the four days, Segall would pummel his guitar, bending the strings with the full force of his fingers. Stretching back to the limits of control, Segal would aim his guitar directly at the cosmos (its strings dangling from the headstock) and shred with the flair of Randy Rhoads and raw power of Ron Asheton. By the end of each set, his guitar strap would come flying off, and soon, he was having issues with his instrument. On day two, his guitar just stopped working. “Sorry guys, my shit’s broken.” After a blistering set that had Segall sliding across a beer-soaked stage, stepping over broken, horn-rimmed glasses and empty cans of beer, dodging human projectiles in the process, he decided to let loose. Channeling his inner Jim Morrison, Segall dropped his guitar and belted out a cover of Bad Company’s “Feel Like Makin’ Love”. Standing on top of the crowd — floating underneath a current of his adoring his fans — Segall transformed into a rock god. He even took time to passionately make out with his girlfriend before delivering a strange speech about meeting a hobo and giving him the shoes off his feet. Again, he was channeling Morrison. It was gross excess, pure rock ‘n’ roll, and supremely entertaining.

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