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Listen: Weird Womb’s new song “Luxury Punks”

on September 08, 2014, 9:00am

New York punk outfit Weird Womb have proven themselves to be quite cynical over their short career. Their debut 7-inch, last year’s Ruined By The ’90s, saw the band taking a stern stance against their peers’ affection for rampant nostalgia. For their latest display of vehement pessimism, Weird Womb has unveiled “Luxury Punks”, which paints some very, very bleak prospects for success in the music business.

Throughout the track, frontman Dakota Pollock details the rise and fall of a burgeoning rock star, going from success and cocaine to unemployment and therapy. Crunchy guitar chords move rapidly underneath Pollock’s strained crooning, while lead guitarist Johnny Saczko unleashes a flurry of swirling riffs. Ultimately, it proves a potent warning of the dangers that may befall their fellow musicians, or even themselves. It’s so punk rock, in fact, that it smartly mocks punk itself.

Listen in below.

“Luxury Punks” appears on the band’s upcoming Laziness EP, due out  September 23rd via Midriff Records. Produced by Alex Bonenfant (METZ, Crystal Castles), the record also includes the rollicking “Tanned Tits”.

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