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Radiohead: “We’ve got our best record still to come”

on September 02, 2014, 3:39pm

In projects past, Radiohead’s members have shied away from discussing their plans, but that hasn’t been the case with their forthcoming ninth LP. Guitarist Jonny Greenwood has already let fans in on a timetable for their recording sessions, and divulged that he and Thom Yorke have begun sending song ideas to one another. Now, in two separate interviews with UK media, drummer Phil Selway further adds to the hype by discussing his goals for the album.

The most profound quote comes from Selway’s recent interview with BBC Radio (listen below). “There’s always that sense that our best record is still to come. There’s still a lot creativity we can do together,” he told DJ Mary Anne Hobbs.

Selway explained that the band members’ various side projects will only enhance their creativity. (Selway is gearing up for the release of his sophomore solo album, while Yorke and Nigel Godrich spent the last year recording and touring as Atoms For Peace. Jonny Greenwood, meanwhile, scored the new Paul Thomas Anderson film, Inherent Vice).

“We just took 18 months away from [the band]. When we get back together, we’ll be bringing new experiences,” Selway explained. “That immediatly brings a whole new energy and drive to it.

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In a separate interview with NME, Selway confirmed that the band will indeed begin work on their next LP in the coming weeks. Musically, he said the band has no real plan or direction. However, he told Hobbs that they had worked on material during their King of Limbs tour.

Selway’s comments come as the band’s various social platforms have seen increased activity over the last 48 hours. Not only has their mobile app been revamped to include new musical soundscapes, but the band’s Facebook page has also been updated with mysterious new artwork. Meanwhile, Yorke has been posting cryptic messages on Twitter.