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Ranking: Every South Park Song from Worst to Best

on September 24, 2014, 10:30am
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100. “Oh Kathie Lee”

(“Weight Gain 4000” S1E2)

Mayor McDaniels can’t hold Chef back from singing about making sweet love to Kathie Lee. -Killian Young (KY)

99. “Loving the Football”

(“Big Gay Al’s Big Gay Boat Ride” S1E4)

If you follow Chef’s advice, you’ll never fumble again. You’ll also probably end up on a sex-offender list. –Matt Melis (MM)

98. “You and Cthulhu”

(“Mysterion Rises” S14E12)

The Coon (aka Cartman) makes a new friend in the massive demon Cthulhu, who is naturally unleashed by BP’s unsafe, offshore drilling. -KY

97. “Hippitus Hoppitus”

(“Fantastic Easter Special” S11E5)

The Hare Club for Men (brilliant) mash up the Latin Mass and “Here Comes Peter Cottontail” as they go to life-threatening lengths to preserve the long-eared secret of the Catholic Church’s origins. -MM

96. “Who’s Got the Greatest Mom in the World?”

(“Tsst” S10E7)

Cartman can avoid punishment like Tom Sawyer could avoid work; here, he butters up Mrs. Cartman with a melodious little ditty that he’s clearly used countless times before. -MM

95. “Dawg’s Crew Theme”

(“Miss Teacher Bangs a Boy” S10E10)

When Cartman becomes the Hall Monitor of South Park Elementary, he is the dawg. The big, bad dawg. -KY

94. “Carry on Wayward Son”

(“Guitar Queer-O” S11E13)

Randy learns the hard way that playing real guitar just isn’t as cool as being a master of Guitar Hero. -KY

93. “Crips and Bloods”

(“Krazy Kripples” S7E2)

Jimmy and Timmy find the way to quash even the fiercest gang feud: locking the rivals in a rec center to shoot hoops, eat pizza, and kick it with some board games and puzzles. -KY

92. “Wake Up Wendy”

(“Chef Aid” S2E14)

Stan finds his inner Bernie Taupin, Elton John plays Stan’s song at Chef Aid to impress Wendy, and Johnny Cochran’s heart grows three sizes in the process. Chewbacca defense? -MM

91. “My Robot Friend”


Cartman — disguised as the robot A.W.E.S.O.M.-O 4000 to find out Butters’ embarrassing secrets — finds the tables turned on him when he learns that Butters has an incriminating video of him. -KY

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