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Ryan Adams covered Danzig with Johnny Depp – watch

on September 18, 2014, 11:29pm

Ryan Adams has plenty of famous friends, as he recently proved when he wrangled Garry Shandling, Jeff Garlin, Don Was, and Bob Mould for the hilarious informercials supporting his self-titled thirteenth record. He also enjoys jamming with said friends, like when he joined Mould in New York City recently. On Thursday night in London, Adams once again proved his Rolodex is better than yours when he called upon Johnny Depp to join him on stage.

Depp came out for Adams’ encore at Shepherd’s Bush Empire and the power couple went into Adams’ new favorite cover, Danzig’s “Mother”. They also performed “Kim” from Ryan Adams. Watch fan-shot footage and check out a few photos below.

Depp’s appearance last night wasn’t entirely out of left field, as he and Adams have grown quite close as of late. In addition to “Kim”, the actor appears on the B-side to the first Ryan Adams single, “Gimme Something Good”, playing guitar and taking a solo on “Aching For More”. The pair also sat in on a studio session for Mould, as Adams explained to the Wall Street Journal. “Johnny was playing bass for some of it, I played the bass for some of it – we’re basically Die Kreuzen right now, by way of Minneapolis, by way of Los Angeles. Total, otherworldly weird jams. There were placeholder vocals or sometimes no vocals… We laid down like eight songs or something. It was incredible.”

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