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Watch: Mac DeMarco cover Angel Olsen’s “Lights Out”

on September 03, 2014, 1:52pm

A podcast named A Pint Of Cacophony sounds like the perfect place for quirky troubadour Mac DeMarco to lay down his raspy drawl and show off his toothy grin. For the program’s latest installment, charmingly dubbed “Mac Attack!!!”, DeMarco does just that, performing the title track of his latest album, Salad Days, as well as a cozy rendition of Angel Olsen’s “Lights Out”.

While Olsen’s original rings out crisply like a beaming white light, DeMarco’s is decidedly more loose and hazy, its lax nature an apt reflection of the even-tempered singer himself. As is the case with most of his work, there’s a charming sincerity to DeMarco’s approach, and here he manages to rework the song into a lovely little folk anthem made for those sticky summer afternoons.

Watch the performance below (via Pitchfork).

“Lights Out” is off Olsen’s excellent sophomore album, Burn Your Fire For No Witness, out now via Jagjaguwar.

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