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YACHT release new song “Where Does This Disco?” — listen

on September 09, 2014, 11:45am

YACHT have yet to announce a proper follow-up to 2011’s Shangri-La, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t remained busy. Not only does the LA electropop outfit have a fall tour lined up, but they’ve also released two pieces of new music — January’s “Plastic Soul”, and now, the cleverly-titled “Where Does This Disco?”. Above is the single’s awesome artwork. (For the youngsters reading this, that’s a CD.)

YACHT’s first official release as a member of Downtown Records, the new single is an effervescent dance anthem brimming with throbbing grooves and nonstop piano loops. Even without the music, YACHT still playfully challenge listeners to bust out some fancy footwork, singing, “Don’t you wanna make me move?”

While the track itself sounds as though it could thump on forever, the band explains the song’s actually about the looming end of both love and the CD as a consumer good: “They’re both on the edge of becoming obsolete, and they both get scratched if you play them too hard. They’re both mirrors, but one is still the best medium we have for connecting with each other.”

Listen in below (via Pitchfork).

In addition to new music, YACHT has created 5 Every Day, an app that suggests daily Los Angeles-centered events and activities. They’ve also launched their own line of sunglasses. See what those shades look like below.



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