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Austin City Limits 2014: Top 25 Moments + Photos

on October 06, 2014, 3:50pm
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“Hey, Give It Up For These Guys!” Set

Blank Range

blank range randy cremean 05 Austin City Limits 2014: Top 25 Moments + Photos

Photo by Randy Cremean

Looking for another scrappy band? Consider Blank Range. These days, this rock ‘n’ roll quintet rents out of Nashville, but their hometown DNA can be traced back to Northern Illinois and St. Louis. No idea how they captured the whole Mitch Ryder vibe, but their soulful Detroit scruff is uncanny, adding a little more fuzz to the base than, say, Merge darlings Reigning Sound. On Friday, few showed up to their set at the BMI Stage, but whatever: Songs like “Last Crash Landing” and “Roommate’s Girlfriend” won over the adventurous handful, who were clearly looking for some good vibes at a cheap price tag. (And not the bullshit shine ‘n’ grind of Capital Cities, who were up to their same ol’ tricks across the park.) I haven’t squeezed in a Big Star comparison yet, but the way Blank Range bounce off their scales is definitely akin to Alex Chilton’s best work. Band rules. –Michael Roffman

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