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Bring The Adventures of Pete & Pete Home

on October 26, 2014, 12:15pm

Today’s the day, Kreb Scouts! For anyone who grew up exploring adolescence through The Adventures of Pete and Pete, now is your chance to return to those carefree days because Wellsville has come to Chicago! Tonight at Lincoln Hall, Polaris will perform all of their happily-deranged classics, and the Petes themselves will be in attendance to host another exciting episode ofThe Adventures of Danny and Mike: The Podcast. Among the extended festivities is a Pete & Pete  gallery, assembling the finest collection of artwork inspired by the series.

If you’re not able to make it to our sold-out show, you can still view our gallery of 23 original pieces by 15 incredible artists — you can even take ’em home. So, if you ever wanted a portrait of Michael Stipe as Captain Scrummy to decorate your nautical-themed boudoir or an appropriately Calvin and Hobbes-themed portrait of Little Pete and Artie to revisit your salad days, now’s your chance! Browse the artwork below, and grab ’em at our Society 6 store.

Featuring art by: Kory Bing, Rachel Dukes, Steven Fiche, Kristin Frenzel, Christopher Hughes, Hellen Jo, Jason Katzenstein, Jacob Livengood, Zeb Love, Kyler Martz, Jason Rainey, David Saracino, Makinita Silva, Andrew Steger, and Mike Wells.

Photo Booth Gallery

All photography by Jarrett Arnold. Find your photo below!

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