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Factory Floor remix Interpol’s “My Desire” — listen

on October 23, 2014, 1:35pm

Typically, when one artist is called upon to remix another artist’s song, one of two things happens: 1) The rework ends up with a different tempo or 2) It plays out as an antithesis to the original. All that being said, UK electronic trio Factory Floor decided to go with a third option as they completely overhaul Interpol’s latest single, “My Desire”.

Here, the skeleton of the El Pintor highlight is barely recognizable, replaced by sinuous synths and thudding beats. While even the most avid Interpol fan would be hard pressed to hear a connection to Paul Banks and co., I’d like to think that the remix’s murky, ominous undertones are directly inspired by the post-punk outfit. Is it your common remix? No way, but the imagination behind it is a welcomed breath of fresh air and well-worth a listen. Check it out below (via FACT).

In related news, Interpol recently stopped by the set of Later…with Jools Holland to perform “All The Rage Back Home”. Watch the video below.

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