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NBC orders TV sequel to Say Anything, to the objection of Cameron Crowe

on October 07, 2014, 12:43pm

A TV sequel to Generation X cult classic Say Anything is in the works, according to Deadline. NBC has ordered the script, which is being written by Justin Adler (Better off Ted).

The plot will reportedly take place a decade after the events in the movie. Lloyd (played in the film by John Cusack) “has long since been dumped by Diane (Ione Skye) and life hasn’t exactly turned out like he thought. But when Diane surprisingly returns home, Lloyd is inspired to ‘dare to be great’ once again, get Diane back and reboot his life.”

The only problem? The director of the film, Cameron Crowe, is not involved in the project and wasn’t even made aware of it until news surfaced on the web. Deadline reports that Crowe adamantly rejects the idea and took to Twitter to say he’s “trying to stop it.”

The film’s star, John Cusack, voiced his disapproval over the prospective TV series. Asked on Twitter if he was involved in the project, Cusack responded, “Hell No!”

According to Deadline, NBC has the legal right to use titles and characters without a filmmakers’ consent — however, it’s considered an uncouth thing to do. Deadline adds that NBC attempted to reach out to Crowe, but a “miscommunication with his executives led to the disconnect.” It’s unclear whether NBC plans to proceed with the series in the wake of Crowe’s public rebuke.

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