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Pete and Pete’s Danny Tamberelli and Michael C. Maronna list their favorite horror films

on October 16, 2014, 10:00am
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It was October, two weeks ’til Halloween, and the Internet couldn’t stop talking about the elusive bogeyman that is “Ebola.” Well, over in Wellsville, two TV brothers — Big Pete (Michael C. Maronna) and Little Pete (Danny Tamberelli) — were busy battling an ancient evil, one that stalks in the guise of a harmless medium: videotapes.

From the beginning, film has forever been an enviable channel for souls to encounter their personal fears. This year, however, Little Pete and Big Pete were ready to conquer their own demons and assembled a concoction of the most terrifying films out there. Little did we know the horrors we would find behind the minds of two infinite children.

So read on, little vikings. Read on.

Nearly two decades following their Nickelodeon days, Maronna and Tamberelli are now hosts of the popular podcast The Adventures of Danny & Mike and will appear later this month at Consequence of Sound‘s sold-out fall event featuring exciting performances by Polaris and Tamberelli’s own band, Jounce.

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