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An actual meteor appeared in the sky while Modest Mouse performed “Dark Center Of The Universe” — watch

on November 10, 2014, 10:04pm

Modest Mouse’s music has long pulled from the cosmos. Outside of its spacey guitar effects, the indie rock outfit has penned numerous songs about the outer limits, including “Space Travel Is Boring”, “3rd Planet”, and “Space Cadet X-9”. During their set at Austin’s Fun Fun Fun Fest on Saturday night, the band and their celestial muse collided — literally.

As the band ripped through the wildly appropriate “Dark Center Of The Universe”, from the seminal The Moon And Antarctica, a blazing meteor passed right over the festival grounds. Thankfully, one attendee was able to snap a quick video before it vanished into the horizon. In the footage, the band seems totally unfazed, despite cheers from the crowd.

According to ABC World News Tonight, NASA confirmed that the meteor did, in fact, crash into Central Texas. NASA added that the space rock was around four feet in diameter, weighed in at about 4,000 pounds, and traveled at some 55,000 miles per hour. That’s a fast journey for a meteor with nothing to think about.

Watch the incident below.