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Death Grips show off their Photoshop skills with new Government Plates artwork

on November 21, 2014, 10:50am

In the months following the disbandment of Death Grips, it seems like Zach Hill and Stefan Burnett have mastered the art of photoshop. As previously reported, the rap-punk outfit is releasing a vinyl edition of Government Plates for Record Store Day’s Black Friday event on November 28th. However, via Reddit, the vinyl’s artwork has prematurely leaked online a few days early.

As you can see above, the original cover art has been supplemented with 3D renderings of a grenade and a pill bottle. Additionally, there may in fact be a deeper meaning behind the cover. As one user on Reddit points out, the pill bottle features the date 7/20/15, which could be the release date for jenny death, part two of the band’s double album swan song, powers that b. Further supporting that theory is the presence of that very same pill bottle and calendar date in the video for “Anne Bony”. Of course, given that it is Death Grips we’re dealing with, it could all be just one giant coincidence.

The Record Store Day 12-inch also packaged with a replica of the California license plate featured on the album’s front cover. Head to RecordStoreDay.com for more info and availability.

Below, revisit Government Plates in full.

Government Plates Tracklist:
01. You might think he loves you for your money but I know what he really loves you for it’s your brand new leopard skin pillbox hat
02. Anne Bonny
03. Two Heavens
04. This is Violence Now (Dont get me wrong)
05. Birds
06. Feels like a wheel
07. Im Overflow
08. Big House
09. Government Plates
10. Bootleg (Dont need your help)
11. Whatever I want (Fuck who’s watching)