Fitz and The Tantrums Prove the FIAT 500L is More Than Just a Dream

on November 04, 2014, 4:00pm

A tout Italian physique, charismatic, fashionable and adaptable — but don’t start thinking this refined beauty is “Out of My League”. With a rare afternoon of downtime, NO GOOD TV’s Carrie Keagan took to the wheel of a brand new FIAT 500L and swooped up fellow Los Angelinos Noelle Scaggs and Michael “Fitz” Fitzpartrick, of Fitz and The Tantrums fame, to explore a few of the pair’s beloved East L.A. establishments. Even while occupied with some of the biggest, most affable, personalities in all of indie-pop, the back seat of the FIAT 500L made for a roomy and comfortable ride, yet was also easy enough to maneuverer through the unforgiving streets and cramped confines of the international hotspots.

Now headlining festival stages and captivating legendary theater audiences, the afternoon started with a trip down memory lane to The Satellite; an establishment that helped break the outfit over five years ago. Just as The Hollywood Palladium gives Fitz and co. more room to showcase their expanded presence, the FIAT 500L offers more room for the expansion of your lifestyle; be that a few guitars and amps, an easel and brushes, climbing equipment, wardrobe chests and photography gear, or whatever else it is that keeps your blood pumping.

For Fitz, like many of us, those thrills were primed with a stop at his local coffee shop, Lamill Coffee. Fortunately, thanks to the urban-friendly size of the FIAT 500L, they weren’t obligated to circle the block five times just to find an adequate size parallel parking spot to bash into. And if you happen to prefer to stay away from the caffeine, the model’s massive sunroof lets in plenty of sunshine and positive vibes! Putting anyone in the perfect state of mind to picnic with a partner at L.A.’s Silverlake Reservoir or attempt to conquer the Baxter Stairs. A task best rewarded with tacos — as exemplified by Fitz, Noelle, and Carrie while they took in Los Angeles’ storied skyline.

Whether you are combating the L.A. gridlock or escaping the city for a trek toward Joshua Tree, the FIAT 500L has the capabilities to allow you to keep your mind on the company and destination, not the stresses of arriving. Even if you aren’t guiding the likes of Fitz and Noelle, expect more than a few attentive glances while you get there.

So, there is just one more thing to consider: Where to next ?