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Giveaway: Win Big Star’s new archival box sets

on November 19, 2014, 4:35pm

This month sees Rhino Records releasing two major reissues for fans of the seminal 1970s band Big Star. An expanded deluxe edition of Chris Bell’s posthumous album I Am the Cosmos has already hit record shelves earlier this month, while a new version of the Big Star archival box set Keep an Eye on the Sky will be released on November 24th.

Bell’s only true solo album, I Am the Cosmos was initially released in 1992. However, this new reissue marks the first time it will be available at retailers nationwide. Keep an Eye on the Sky, meanwhile, was originally released in 2009 and features 52 previously unreleased demos, alternate takes, and live performances. It includes every song from #1 Record, Radio City, and Third/Sister Lovers, mostly as alternate mixes or demo versions. There’s also an entire concert recording from a 1973 show at Memphis, Tennessee’s Lafayette’s Music Room, and selections from Bell’s pre-Big Star bands Rock City and Icewater.

Ardent Records founder and Big Star producer John Fry was involved in creating the new versions of both releases. In a press release, Fry said, “The Big Star box is a unique collection of music and insightful liner notes that keep telling the story to an ever growing number of fans. The Chris Bell 2-CD Cosmos reissue is in my opinion the definitive collection of Chris’ solo work. We took great pains to use original analog sources and to master the CDs much as we would have done vinyl in the 70s.”

You can purchase I Am the Cosmos and pre-order Keep an Eye on the Sky now, but we have a few copies of each to give away to lucky fans. We have five copies of each ready to send to ten individuals. To enter, simply fill out the entry widget below. (Entry automatically enrolls you in the Consequence of Sound newsletter.) Easy enough, right?

Find the full tracklists for each release below, and good luck!

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Big Star – Keep and Eye on the Sky Tracklist:
Disc One
01. “Psychedelic Stuff” (original mix) – Chris Bell
02. “All I See Is You” – Icewater
03. “Every Day as We Grow Closer” (original mix) – Alex Chilton
04. “Try Again” (early version) – Rock City
05. “Feel”
06. “The Ballad of El Goodo”
07. “In the Street” (alternate mix)
08. “Thirteen” (alternate mix)
09. “Don’t Lie to Me”
10. “The India Song” (alternate mix)
11. “When My Baby’s Beside Me” (alternate mix)
12. “My Life Is Right” (alternate mix)
13. “Give Me Another Chance” (alternate mix)
14. “Try Again”
15. “Gone with the Light”
16. “Watch the Sunrise” (single version)
17. “ST 100/6” (alternate mix)
18. “The Preacher” (Excerpt) – Rock City
19. “In the Street” (alternate single mix)
20. “Feel” (alternate mix)
21. “The Ballad of El Goodo” (alternate lyrics)
22. “The India Song” (alternate version)
23. “Country Morn”
24. “I Got Kinda Lost” (demo)
25. “Back of a Car” (demo)
26. “Motel Blues” (demo) (Loudon Wainwright III)

Disc Two
01. “There Was a Light” (demo)
02. “Life Is White” (demo)
03. “What’s Going Ahn” (demo)
04. “O My Soul”
05. “Life Is White”
06. “Way Out West”
07. “What’s Going Ahn”
08. “You Get What You Deserve”
09. “Mod Lang” (alternate mix)
10. “Back of a Car” (alternate mix)
11. “Daisy Glaze”
12. “She’s a Mover”
13. “September Gurls”
14. “Morpha Too” (alternate mix)
15. “I’m in Love with a Girl”
16. “O My Soul” (alternate version)
17. “She’s a Mover” (alternate version)
18. “Daisy Glaze” (rehearsal version)
19. “I Am the Cosmos” – Chris Bell
20. “You and Your Sister” – Chris Bell
21. “Blue Moon” (demo)
22. “Femme Fatale” (demo) (Lou Reed)
23. “Thank You Friends” (demo)
24. “Nightime” (demo)
25. “Take Care” (demo)
26. “You Get What You Deserve” (demo)

Disc Three
01.. “Lovely Day” (demo)
02. “Downs” (demo)
03. “Jesus Christ” (demo)
04. “Holocaust” (demo)
05. “Big Black Car” (alternate demo)
06. “Manana”
07. “Jesus Christ”
08.  “Femme Fatale”
09. “O, Dana”
10. “Kizza Me”
11. “You Can’t Have Me”
12. “Nightime”
13. “Dream Lover”
14. “Big Black Car”
15. “Blue Moon”
16. “Holocaust”
17. “Stroke It Noel”
18. “For You”
19. “Downs”
20. “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On”
21. “Kanga Roo”
22. “Thank You Friends”
23. “Take Care”
24. “Lovely Day”
25. “Till the End of the Day” (alternate mix) (Ray Davies)
26. “Nature Boy” (alternate mix)

Disc Four – Live at Lafayette’s Music Room, Memphis, TN, January 1973
01. “When My Baby’s Beside Me”
02. “My Life Is Right”
03. “She’s a Mover”
04. “Way Out West”
05. “The Ballad of El Goodo”
06. “In the Street”
07. “Back of a Car”
08. “Thirteen”
09. “The India Song”
10. “Try Again”
11. “Watch the Sunrise”
12. “Don’t Lie to Me”
13. “Hot Burrito”
14. “I Got Kinda Lost”
15. “Baby Strange”
16. “Slut”
17. “There Was a Light”
18. “ST 100/6”
19. “Come On Now”
20. “O My Soul”

Chris Bell – I Am the Cosmos Tracklist:
Disc One
01. “I Am the Cosmos” (original single version)
02. “Better Save Yourself” (original mix)
03. “Speed of Sound”
04. “Get Away”
05. “You and Your Sister” (original single version)
06. “I Got Kinda Lost” (original mix)
07. “Look Up” (original mix)
08. “Make a Scene” (original mix)
09. “There Was a Light” (original mix)
10. “I Don’t Know”
11. “Fight at the Table” (original mix)
12. “Though I Know She Lies”

Disc Two
01. “Looking Forward”
02. “Sunshine”
03. “My Life is Right”
04. “I Don’t Know” (alternate version)
05. “You and Your Sister” (alternate version)
06. “I Am the Cosmos” (extended alternate version)
07. “Speed of Sound” (alternate version)
08. “Fight at the Table” (alternate mix)
09. “Make a Scene” (alternate mix)
10. “Better Save Yourself” (alternate mix)
11. “Get Away” (alternate version)
12. “You and Your Sister” (acoustic version)
13. “Stay with Me” (w/ Keith Sykes)
14. “In My Darkest Hour”
15. “Clacton Rag”