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Kendrick Lamar sings Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” — listen

on November 04, 2014, 8:53pm

Taylor Swift has a well-documented love for Kendrick Lamar. “I know every word,” she told Rolling Stone last month while jamming to “Backseat Freestyle”. Turns out the feeling’s mutual, as K. Dot gave a shout out to the pop singer/songwriter in a new interview with Fader.

“You can’t put great music in different genres,” he told the mag. “I enjoy great music outside of my own music all the time, so I definitely can see where she’s coming from when she says that she listens to [my] record, and it’s a great thing for her to acknowledge that and put that good energy out into the world like that.”

He then proceeded to put out some of his own good vibes as he sang the chorus to Swift’s latest smash, “Shake it Off”. “Yeah, I ain’t playin’. I say what I mean and I mean what I say,” he said. Take a listen to the rapper profess his pop love below. We’re sure Swift’s giggling as much as the interviewers.

Here’s the audio isolated and at a higher volume.

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