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Michael Shannon tortures himself in Deerhoof’s new video for “Exit Only” — watch

on November 11, 2014, 1:00pm

I love actor Michael Shannon. I love him so much that I saw Man of Steel solely for his appearance as a super-powered alien imperialist. Up until now, his greatest acting role has to be as deranged killer Richard Kuklinski in The Iceman — or, maybe his run in Boardwalk Empire. Although I absolutely must mention Bug as well.

Today, Shannon adds another impressive credit to his filmography, as he assumes the starring role in Deerhoof’s new video for “Exit Only”. Here’s what you need to know: The thespian sits across a table from his doppelgänger, who sadistically tortures him by playing the dissonant anthem at full blast. Even when guitarist Ed Rodriguez enters as some mystical, guitar-wielding rescuer, nothing detracts from Shannon’s manic, frazzled performance. Even my stomach churns at the thought of him vomiting teeth. Grab some licorice and watch it below.

“Exit Only” is the lead single off Deerhoof’s 12th studio album, La Isla Bonita, out now via Polyvinyl.

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