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Michna shares new song “She Exists In My Mind” — listen

on November 11, 2014, 3:00pm

It’s been seven years since New York producer Michna released his debut album, Magic Monday, but he’s still maintained quite the schedule. Outside of the random single or 7-inch, he’s composed music for video games and commercials, scored films, and performed the occasional DJ gig. Now, he’s finally set to release his sophomore album, Thousand Thursday, due out February 3rd, 2015 via Ghostly International.

The LP’s lead single, “She Exists In My Mind”, sees Michna embracing hip-hop rhythms with synthpop accessibility. The song locks into a stuttering groove, sounding akin to Michna’s labelmate Com Truise, while adding subtle synthesizer flourishes throughout. Crashing drums erupt in the mix halfway through, adding a new sense of energy to the track and taking the vibe from melancholic to triumphant. Despite being away so long, Michna sounds just a consistent as ever.

Listen in below.

Thousand Thursday Tracklist
01. Cherry 2000
02. Solid Gold (feat. MNDR)
03. Nuroq Legacy
04. Time Will Tell
05. Jace The Mind Sculptor
06. Increasing Ambition
07. Believe In It Pt. II
08. She Exists In My Mind
09. Skyway T/A
10. Death Pits Of Rath