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Sebadoh covers Rush’s “Limelight” — watch

on November 18, 2014, 9:55am

Sebadoh and Rush exist on near-polar opposite ends of the musical spectrum. The former is the unsung hero of nerd-friendly indie rock, purveyor of all things grimy and lo-fi. The latter represents rock’s pinnacle of indulgence, the bona fide lord of intricate prog majesty. Yet for one brief, fleeting moment, these two disparate elements came together as Sebadoh undertook a mighty Rush cover for its appearance on A.V. Undercover.

So, why did Lou Barlow and co. decide upon 1981’s “Limelight”? The “Rush Phenomenon,” in which, by some twist of fate, “the world’s three best musicians ended up in one band.” Of course, Sebadoh should give itself a little credit: With little more than drums and guitar, plenty of pedals, and Barlow’s oddball vocal style, the band delivered an extra crunchy rendition of this space rock jam, one dripping with angst and attitude. Have we just witnessed the birth of a new genre, a rocking lil’ baby I shall deem Lo-rog? Find out for yourself when you watch below.

Sebadoh is currently promoting its first album in 14 years, Defend Yourself.