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Sour Patch Kids opens house to shelter bands staying in Brooklyn

on November 04, 2014, 1:45pm

As evidenced by U2’s recent partnership with Apple, more than ever, big brand corporate sponsors are immersing themselves into symbiotic partnerships with bands. The latest example involves, of all companies, Sour Patch Kids, and literally sees those tangy little niblets of pure saccharine in bed with your favorite indie rockers.

As Ad Age points out, the candy brand, which is owned by the multinational food and beverage conglomerate Mondelez, recently opened up the Brooklyn Patch, a home in the borough’s Clinton Hill neighborhood where rock bands can stay for a few days while on the road.

Even if you agree with Pink Floyd that corporate synergy devalues music, at least it’s logical for Apple, a company that actually sells music products, to partner up with a rock band such as U2. But why is a candy manufacturer making moves into the indie rock world?

According to Mondelez marketing director Farrah Bezner, the company sees its “target consumer” as music-loving teenagers, and the Patch is the first in a longer investment strategy. “We wanted to be able to contribute,” Bezner explained, “You have to break culture to make culture.” As part of the tasty setup, bands who stay in the four-bedroom, two-and-a-half bathroom house will be asked create some sort of content, musical or otherwise, to be shared through Sour Patch’s social networks.

Already several bands have signed up for a stay at the Brooklyn Patch, including synthpoppers Magic Man and Deer Tick, who are set to visit Brooklyn for a week-long residency in late December.

Below, watch us welcome Deer Tick to our home for an episode of Rock it Out!! Blog.

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