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The Lonely Wild release anti-Christmas song “Holidays” — listen

on November 10, 2014, 2:30pm

Halloween may only be days behind us, and Thanksgiving a few more weeks away, but the holiday season is already being forced upon us. From tinsel-laden TV ads to red Starbucks cups, it’s hard to avoid the call for Christmas cheer. If you’re already feeling holiday fatigue, you’re not alone: Indie rock outfit The Lonely Wild aren’t so fond of this time of year either. As such, they’ve released their own protest against the superficial with their latest single, “Holidays”.

In a statement, the band explains what drove them to write the biting track:

Every year we’re bombarded with baby boomer-era Christmas carols and jingles that paint a superficial portrait of what the holidays are for a lot of people. When I wrote ‘Holidays’, I wanted to show the other side — the emotional fatigue, the pressure to be with estranged family, and the anxiety that mounts at the end of the year when we start to ask ourselves: Were you successful? What do you have to show for yourself? We tried to reflect this musically by creating a slow-motion, dream-like vibe to the first half of the song. There’s a sense of both tension and emotional detachment in the delivery of lines like, ‘Holidays are coming to rip your heart open. Just don’t freak out. Just don’t let me down.’ By the end, the pressure mounts until the song bursts at the seams and unravels in chaos. While commercials and shopping malls are all smiles, sometimes you just wanna scream.”

Aside from the ringing sleigh bells, there’s not much in “Holidays” that resembles a typical carol. Frontman Andrew Carroll and vocalist Jessi Williams hauntingly harmonize over top forlorn piano lines and guitar flourishes. The sense of dread builds throughout with lines like, “Get yourself together/ Brace for bad weather.” With an outlook like that, The Lonely Wild are positioning themselves on par with the likes of The Grinch and Ebenezer Scrooge. Listen in below.

In related news, The Lonely Wild recently launched a crowdsourcing campaign to help fund their new studio album.

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