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Voodoo Experience 2014: Top 10 Sets + Photos

on November 05, 2014, 1:30pm
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Best Two-Man Act

Twenty One Pilots

dh-voodooexperience-Twenty One Pilots-103114-0578

I love the Black Keys and the White Stripes as much as the next garage rock disciple, but I’ve never seen Dan Auerbach or Jack White do a fucking backflip off an upright piano. Twenty One Pilots drummer Joshua Dun nailed one on a dime Friday at Voodoo fest. At one point, he also beat the hell out of his skins while “crowd surfing” atop a makeshift plywood drum platform, and vocalist Tyler Joseph likewise caught air to rival Michael Jordan a couple times throughout the midday set. He even went so far as to climb the soundboard scaffolding.

Though they did incorporate copious costume changes (masked burglars, skeletons, and aliens — oh my!), it wasn’t just acrobatic antics and gimmicks that made their run one of the afternoon’s best. Joseph and Dun craft disarmingly catchy tunes like “House of Gold”, “Car Radio”, and “The Run and Go”, which combine varied styles including hip-hop, reggae, punk rock and piano rock (á la Cold War Kids). It may be difficult to pinpoint their musical focus, but one thing’s for sure: they were the best two-man show all weekend and a much needed uplifter among an understimulating Day One lineup.

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