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Worlds collide as Action Bronson meets Mike Ditka — watch

on November 04, 2014, 2:30pm

One is a Queens-based rapper who loves kung fu and smoking weed, the other a Hall of Fame football coach who led to the Chicago Bears to their last Super Bowl victory in 1985. At surface level, Action Bronson and Mike Ditka have very little in common, and when the two men actually meet face-to-face during a recent episode of Bronson’s cooking show, Fuck That’s Delicious, that assumption is fully validated.

Bronson makes a stop at Ditka’s steakhouse in Chicago and sits down with the coach and his wife over a fine meal of hot dogs, nachos, oysters, and steak. The scene lasts only a couple of minutes, but I have so many favorite parts, like when Bronson invites to take Ditka out on the town next time he’s in New York and Ditka just stares back without saying a word, and when Ditka angrily sips iced tea out of a straw. I imagine whoever handles publicity for Ditka has filed for unemployment.

The episode also sees Bronson hanging with RiFF RAFF and visiting Chicago’s famed Wiener Circle. Watch it below.

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