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Actor Vincent D’Onofrio has recorded an album of “punk rock spoken word”

on December 03, 2014, 11:00am

As an actor, Vincent D’Onofrio has played a wide array of unconventional characters. His resume includes turns as a giant alien bug, Orson Welles (twice, actually), someone called “The Naked Stranger”, and, perhaps his most famous gig to date, the obsessive detective Robert Goren on Law & Order: Criminal Intent. For his latest role, D’Onofrio has stepped into another set of shoes entirely: musician.

As The AV Club points out, D’Onofrio has joined forces with experimental composer Dana Lyn to record an album of “punk rock spoken word.” Due out March 3rd, 2015 via Buddhabug Records, Slim Bone Head Volt is described as “the free-form system of Stanislavski mixed with the daring of Sturm Und Drang and the broken fourth wall of improvisation.” Added D’Onofrio, no doubt as he stood menacingly in a dark corner somewhere, “There’s no going back. This is how things are supposed to feel.”

Before anyone’s head explodes from extrapolating what this mixture sounds like, the duo has shared the LP’s lead single, “I’m A Hamster”. It’s difficult to discern what’s more delightfully bizarre and off-putting: D’Onofrio’s rant about (what I hope is) a metaphorical existence as a hamster in a wheel or Lyn’s pulverizing cascade of grimy drums and scintillating guitar. Listen in below.

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