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Fan creates free archive of almost every Nine Inch Nails show ever

on December 19, 2014, 1:25pm

Photo by Philip Cosores

Just in time for the holidays, Reflecting in the Chrome has gone live with the best possible gift one could give a Nine Inch Nails fan: a downloadable audio archive of nearly every available NIN show since 1988. It’s taken the site’s founder, Ryan J., six years to compile, clean, and organize all the files, and he’s now made them all available as a free torrent (via

All told, the drive contains 527 GB of music from 900 different audio sources and some 575 concerts. Ryan recommends a 750 GB hard-drive at minimum to store the entire archive and any future updates. He also warns that seeding the file will be a slow process until more seeders make themselves available. For those unwilling to wait, Ryan is willing to fill hard-drives sent to him as long as there’s return postage for the trip back. Is this dude a giver or what?

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The quality of the files are the highest quality available, with FLAC being the majority. Ryan is still working hard to upgrade from any mp3 versions in the current archive and fill in any gaps. What’s more, the next phase of the project is to put together an equally comprehensive collection of video for the drive.

For more information on the massive project and to get in touch with the site about getting a drive or contributing to the project, head to To snag the full torrent, head here.