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Jeopardy! asked a question involving both Kanye West and Batman

on December 15, 2014, 10:05pm

I can just imagine the scene at the West-Kardashian household right now. Kim, no doubt excited by the birth of her sister’s child, is eagerly searching for the perfect designer baby outfit. Kanye bursts into the room…

“Kiiiiim! Me and Batman were an answer on Jeopardy! Kiiim! Did you hear me huuuh? Me and motherf*ckin Batman! Yo, remember when I dressed like Batman on Halloween. I wonder if Steve Jobs was ever an answer on Jeopardy!? Cause YEEZUS was. Alex Trebek actually said YEEZUS! How cool is that? I gotta write a song — no, a movie about this.”

kanye gif

The question was “Pop Culture Relatives” and the answer “Kanye West and Adam West,” which the military officer completely nailed, to the delight of everyone there.

YEEZUS was an answer on Jeopardy tonight, under the category "Pop Culture Relatives?"

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