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Los Angeles Police Department shares holiday song “Oh Lonely Night” — listen

on December 16, 2014, 10:10am

As anyone who has ever celebrated Christmas on the West Coast can attest to, there’s an odd dichotomy that occurs each year. What’s meant to be this snow-laden festival of winter joy occurs during temperatures that hover right around the high 60s, low 70s. It’s probably why at my house you’re more likely to hear Beach Boys’ “Little Saint Nick” than, say, the perpetually heartwarming “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”.

If there’s one musician who understands this dynamic, it’s California singer-songwriter Ryan Pollie, who performs under the moniker Los Angeles Police Department. Pollie’s managed to take bits of sunshine pop and yuletide joy and fuse them into a brand new holiday original, “Oh Lonely Night”. The end result pops with both charming holiday bells and lo-fi keys as Pollie spins a bit of muted coolness into lines about spending Xmas alone. The song definitely could have made LAPD’s debut self-titled album, but for now just enjoy it with some eggnog. Preferably the spiked variety.

Listen in below.

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