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on December 23, 2014, 12:00pm
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Robert Altman

His favorite moment of 2014: “Festivals are often both the best and the worst experiences for a concert photographer rolled into one. Long days/high heat/driving rain/and marathon treks from stage to stage can make one wonder why bother… But the chance to grab images of such a diverse group of musicians in a few days make it worth it in the end. One often gets to capture artists under less controlled conditions than their standard concerts, allowing for unique images. To see Disclosure blanketed in the fading afternoon sun rather than lasers, or Banks, notoriously light (and camera) shy, performing in the daytime where her natural beauty and stage appeal  become easy to photograph makes festivals unique. And finally the chance to see and shoot acts who rarely tour such as the Bloody Beetroots Live can seal the deal-it’s all more than worth it in the end…”

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