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Tame Impala offshoot Pond share new song “Sitting Up On Our Crane” — listen

on December 16, 2014, 9:45pm

Tame Impala offshoot Pond has described its upcoming sixth studio album, Man It Feels Like Space Again, as “the good parts of what we’ve done on other albums, trying to consolidate all of that.” The nine-track effort’s first two singles have certainly accomplished just that: “Waiting Around for Grace” demonstrated the band’s hazy psychedelics at peak levels, while “Elvis’ Flaming Star” saw the quintet achieve new gears of propulsive intensity.

Today, Pond offers another preview of this newly-streamlined sound with “Sitting Up On Our Crane”. In just four succinct minutes, the listener is taken on a truly psychedelic journey, from lows of gentle guitars and whispery vocals to heights surging with more lush guitar interplay and larger-than-life atmospherics.

Check out the song below via its accompanying music video, which features a bizarre series of computer-generated people and landscapes.

Man It Feels Like Space Again is due out January 27th, 2015 via Modular Recordings.

Man It Feels Like Space Again Tracklist:
01. Waiting Around for Grace
02. Elvis’ Flaming Star
03. Holding Out For You
04. Zond
05. Heroic Shart
06. Sitting Up On Our Crane
07. Outside Is The Right Side
08. Medicine Hat
09. Man It Feels Like Space Again

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