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The Daily Show defends “crack dealer” Jay Z against FOX News

on December 18, 2014, 10:56am

Jay Z was among a group of prominent black leaders who recently met with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to discuss potential changes to the state’s criminal justice system. Believe it or not, FOX News host Sean Hannity was critical of Cuomo for taking advice “from a guy who sold crack, was a drug dealer, and actually shot somebody” (his words, not mine). FOX News’ website FOX Nation, meanwhile, published a similarly negative article titled “Andrew Cuomo Meets With Admitted Former Crack Dealer Jay-Z to Discuss Police Policy”.

Last night, The Daily Show came to Jay Z’s defense. “How could you say that about Jay Z … after all he’s done for himself?” Jon Stewart asked correspondent Jessica Williams. “You are right, Jon,” Williams responded. “Hova has done quite a few other things since his dealing days. You would think that’d impress people on FOX, because we all know how much they like to preach to black folks about responsibility, self-improvement, and what’s wrong with the black community.”

She continued: “I mean, if you go over their black male to-do list, Jay Z has it covered: good job? Check. Stable marriage? Check … Is he a good father? Check. And he’s not just pulling his pants up … the guy sells belts. Jay Z is the guy they keep saying they want all other black guys to be, but to them he’s still a crack dealer.”

Williams then went on to point out the skeletons in FOX News’ own closet. Replay the segment in full below.