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The other 2014 stuff we loved…

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The year’s almost over now, and we’re still reeling from it. That’s the thing about being a pop culture obsessive, as we all are in one fashion or another; there’s never enough time to see, read, watch, and take in all the stuff you want to. You make lists to remember and to unpack, hoping you’ll get around to some of it eventually, but always sort of knowing in the back of your head that you won’t. But in the midst of the mad dash, there are also the little things, the random pieces of detritus that don’t necessarily make anybody’s year-end retrospectives but nevertheless left an impression for reasons we may or may not even fully understand. This is a collection of those things, as our film staff touches on the random odds and ends that left a lingering impression. What’re yours?

–Dominick Mayer
Film Editor

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