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Bad Veins turn The Muppets’ “Rainbow Connection” into lush indie ballad — listen

on January 20, 2015, 3:50pm

In mid-2012, Bad Veins made a name for themselves in the local Cincinnati scene with the release of The Mess We Made, a brilliant merger of romantic indie rock and oddball tape loops. However, just as the band experienced the early fruits of success, drummer Sebastien Schultz announced his departure. Undeterred, Benjamin Davis quickly promised “bigger and better things” and recruited Jake Bonta as the band’s new drummer. Together, they’ll release a new version of The Mess Remade on March 15th through Dynamite Records.

Not only has much of the LP been re-recored, but it features two brand new tracks: “I Shut My Heart Down” and “Rainbow Connection”, the latter of which is now available for streaming. If the title plucks at any childhood heartstrings, it should; Davis and Bonta have remade the classic Muppets ballad entirely. Sweeping and anthemic in nature, the song has been reborn as a lush orchestral number, with Davis laying down a satiny croon (albeit through his trademark megaphone) over a sea of angelic strings and light percussion. What remains, though, is the unshakable heart and endless positivity of the original.

“This is the kind of song that I long to write myself,” Davis explains. “It’s magical and grandiose, but still humble and hopeful. It’s about admitting uncertainly and asking questions (that are likely to never be answered). In a world drowning in contrivances, it feels like a breath of fresh air to hear something earnest and pure. There is strength in vulnerability and comfort in uncertainty. It’s okay to feel small. It’s a perfect example of how music begins where language ends.”

Listen in below.