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Blis premieres new single “Floating Somewhere High and Above” — listen

on January 05, 2015, 9:00am

Blis formed in 2011 when a trio of Georgia-based musicians got together to “make music that we think is good.” Three years and one new member later, the math rock outfit is gearing up to release its latest EP, Starting Fires In My Parents House, due February 10th via Soft Speak Records.

Blis describes its primary influences as Weatherbox, Pedro The Lion, and American Football, all of which certainly helped to inform the EP’s lead single “Floating Somewhere High and Above”. The core of this mighty track relies on the inherent drama and struggle between airy, math rock lilt and more ferocious rhythms and painfully despondent lyrics. Within that chaos, however, Blis offer a tune that is equal parts uplifting, sorrowful, and utterly riveting. Listen in below.

Pre-orders for the EP are ongoing.