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Elephant Micah and Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy team up for “Demise of the Bible Birds” — listen

on January 12, 2015, 5:20pm

Joseph O’Connell, aka Elephant Micah, will release his latest album Where In Our Woods on January 20th via Western Vinyl. Following teaser tracks including “By the Canal” and “Slow Time Vultures”, the Indiana folk auteur has teamed with Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy for a new single entitled “Demise of the Bible Birds”.

The track follows the story of Wendell Hansen, a resident of Noblesville, Indiana, who “trained exotic birds to perform stunning Christian-themed stunts,” according to a press release. O’Connell and Bonnie make for perfect harmonic partners, with the latter’s twangy backing harmonies blending seamlessly into the former’s more eccentric lead vocals. Listen in below.

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