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Feral Conservatives premiere new song “Misfire” — listen

on January 08, 2015, 12:40pm

Since forming in 2011, Virginia’s Feral Conservatives has sought to explore the “dichotomy between minimalist folk singer-songwriter craft and ’90s-inspired noise rock.” The duo’s aural journey has thus far yielded a series of EPs and a handful of singles with Mark Padgett (Mae). On February 10th, they’ll release a brand new mini album called The Feeling Noise Becomes through EggHunt Records.

The LP’s latest single, “Misfire”, encapsulates Feral Conservatives’ dichotomous approach. From a quaint and romantic core consisting of gentle mandolin and Rashie Rosenfarb’s angelic croon, drummer-guitarist Matt Francis methodically layers in pounding rhythms and bone-shaking feedback. The result splits the difference between evocative folk and dissonant post-punk, a multi-faceted sound united by an endless sense of creative curiosity.

“We write a lot of songs about feeling disconnected within the community we live in, and kind of that longing to pick up and start somewhere new,” said Rosenfarb. “This is one of those songs. I think in this case ‘Misfire’ is also about finding the courage within the despair to still believe in yourself even when you’re feeling depressed and alone — to say you are worth something and you can be something.”

Check out the song below via its accompanying video. Also check out another LP track titled “Class Reunion”.

The Feeling Noise Becomes Tracklist:
01. Class Reunion
02. Last Legs
03. Lies
04. Misfire