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Robert De Niro and Leonardo DiCaprio finally appear on-screen together in Martin Scorsese-directed short film — watch

on January 14, 2015, 11:15am

Robert De Niro has had roles in eight of Martin Scorsese’s directorial features. Leonardo DiCaprio has been in another five. However, none of those projects have intersected. Instead, a commercial advertising two new casinos will go down in history as the first (and possibly only) occurrence in which all three megastars appear together on screen. (Ed. Note: De Niro and DiCaprio both starred in 1993’s The Boy’s Life — but this marks the first they’ve appeared together in a Scorsese project.)

The commercial, directed by Scorsese, come in support of City of Dreams Manila in Manila Bay, Philippines and, as seen in the ad below, Studio City in Macao, China. More than just an advertisements, however, the clip is a teasers for a Scorsese-directed short called The Audition, in which De Niro and DiCaprio are up for the same role in Scorsese’s new film about, you guessed it, a casino. What’s more, a third party will be thrown into the mix in later installments: Brad Pitt. Oh, and the whole thing was produced by Brett Ratner, because of course.

All of this star power comes thanks to a rumored $70 million budget, with De Niro and DiCaprio netting a reported $10 to $13 million eachThe Audition will see its world premiere in mid-2015 when Studio City opens its doors for the first time. For now, watch the first trailer for what is essentially the most elaborate, extravagant, and likely expensive (and let’s face it, sort of excellent) commercial of all time.