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Rye Pines premiere new song “Pessimist” — listen

on January 27, 2015, 3:45pm

When Edward Maguire moved to Boston in 2008, he found success with an endless stream of gigs and a job co-running his own studio. By 2011, he was a penniless college dropout with few prospects personally or creatively. Then came along Alex Page, who insisted the pair begin playing together, and shortly thereafter Rye Pines was born.

Their collaboration is the perfect outlet for Maguire’s angst, resulting in the kind of manic garage-punk hybrid that comprised last year’s A Portrait of Dissonance as a Young Man. Now, as a follow-up, Rye Pines will release the Dead Ocean EP on February 17th via Bob Records.

The EP’s latest single, “Pessimist”, proves Maguire still has loads of vigor to share with the world. The brisk track clocks in at under two minutes but still manages to pack in a variety of dynamic build-ups and breakdowns. Maguire’s jagged riffs set the stage for his equally raw and disjointed vocals, spewing streams of unfettered frustration as he belts lines like, “Can you smell it? There’s change in this house and I’m gonna sniff it out.” Listen in below.

For more from the EP, check out “Atlantic Ascent”.

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